Behind the scenes of a PS look book shoot

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Hey internet!

You may have noticed that my etsy site has been inactive for quite some time now (okay, like 2 years. whatever). I myself have been in a lengthy transitional state as far as lifestyle and living situations go, but happily things have started to settle and I have much more time (and energy!) to once again focus on Pretty Star.

In order to get everything back up and running though, I needed to photograph everything in my inventory.  So I gave my good friend Kaddie O’keefe, photographer over at Gunslinger Photography, a call and she drove all the way up to LA from San Diego to shoot my 2013 look book.

I also kidnapped 3 of the cutest models ever and made them take pictures in my dresses without food or pay or anything. Yaaaaay, slave labor! * Do not worry, they will be greatly compensated come Christmas time.

Here’s a brief preview of what the shoot looked like from my perspective while we wait for the actual pictures that were taken by a professional.



Bag full of Bubble Bands


Fabulous-as-fuck shoes courtesy of Iron Fist


Fairy godmother Leia Anderson watches over all Pretty Star affairs



Models Kota Wade and Xanthia Pink


Then as what usually happens when you get 5 girls in room together, we just started taking pictures of ourselves.


Courtnie Marie Ross MUA and model makes an appearance



Xan forces me to take a photo despite no makeup. Damnit, woman!


Then boyfriend’s cat is all “Why u no ask me to model?” “Is cuz I poop on the floor?”

P1000519 P1000523

Yes, orange cat, that is precisely the reason.



Wow, look what I just found!

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I love googling Pretty Star Clothing every now and then. Not only because I’m incredibly vain, but also because when I do, I come across jems like this that I never knew existed.

I believe it was 2 years ago, before I fully developed Pretty Star, I outfitted a local girl band “Mavien Bliss” for a series of shows.  Here they are performing one of their singles dressed like harajuku hoochies (this is a good thing!) thanks to Pretty star Clothing.

Check them out on their facebook page, they’re just as cute as ever!


Diamond Dust Fashion Show 7/21

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Took a quick weekend trip to San Diego back in August to visit home and show some of my new stuff at May Star’s new club “Diamond Dust”. I had the opportunity as a youngin’ to do one of May’s 18+ Pop Noir shows a few years ago, but this time I got to show on the big girl stage and drink alcohol, YAY!

Lots of old things featured along with a few new ones sprinkled in.

Check out the photos all taken by Dominick Valentic. Enjoy!

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Pretty Star featured RAW artist

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Raw is an amazing organization that promotes all mediums of art all over the world. I was so honored last year to be asked to be a featured artist in their Unearthed show at the Playhouse on Hollywood blvd. I got to share the stage with some incredible artists including the beautiful and talented Kerli (

Check out these adorable models dressed in Pretty Star’s 2011 collection. And oh yeah, there’s a doofy interview of me sounding like a chipmunk if you wanna watch that part too ;D


Pretty Star Fashion Show @Plaid Salon

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November 2011. This was a short (though AMAZING) fashion show I participated in at Plaid Salon on Hollywood blvd. covered by the one and only James St. James! My line is the first one shown at 00:36, then interview with me around 1:46

Plaid Salon One Year Anniversary Party & Fashion Show

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Hi guys! So I know I’ve been m.i.a. recently (a blog on that later) but I just wanted to let everyone know about an exciting fashion show I’m going to be participating in this Saturday November 12.

I can not stress how excited I am about this. Drag queens, open bar, and most of all INCREDIBLE DESIGNERS!
Check out this video of Marco Marco’s collection, I am in awe!

And just so you get an idea of what my mini collection will look like, here’s my inspiration:

Hope to see you there!


Mini Blog: New Hair & PANDA-CAT

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I’ve been really lazy about documenting my hair transformations over the past few years but better late than never right? Heh

So I’ve been blond for almost 6 months now. I really love it but I’m starting to get nostalgic for the days of my super obnoxious pink and rainbow dreads. So to make up for it, I decided to go all out Lady Amalthea from the Last Unicorn. I feel like a mother fucking PRINCESS again!

See for yourself…


And theennnnnn…

Pretty Star Clothing at Onch Movement’s “Eat It All” Jewelry Launch

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Hi guys!! So much for keeping up with this blogging business, eh? Well rest assured there will be an EXPLOSION of cute picture filled posts up within the next week or two because SO MANY things have been happening.

To start off… last week was my friend Onch’s much anticipated jewelry launch party.

I could go on and on and on about how ridiculously cute and fun everything was but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves 😉

Here are the cuties of Bubble Punch in dresses designed by me. And they both made their head pieces. So talented!

More this way…

Mini blog: Kittycorn + New years Resolutions

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First things first.

I have recently turned one of my long time fantasies into reality. I have a pet unicorn cat.

Albeit, not a very happy one, but nothing a few unicorn treats can’t fix.

Read more…

Unicornucopia…Unicorns EVERYWHERE!!

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So can you guess what this post is going to be about?


I went to an art show in Anaheim at a gallery called Rothick Art Haus, which is a cute little gallery that is run by an adorable pink haired lady and her husband. The show was an epic tribute to the most majestic of creatures with tons and tons of AMAZING unicorn art work.

Me and Tara, my high school biffle, in our matching unicorn dresses. (Also note, unicorn necklace + unicorn tattoo. heeeeeeh)

More unicorns this way…

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