Diamond Dust Fashion Show 7/21

December 8, 2012 at 4:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Took a quick weekend trip to San Diego back in August to visit home and show some of my new stuff at May Star’s new club “Diamond Dust”. I had the opportunity as a youngin’ to do one of May’s 18+ Pop Noir shows a few years ago, but this time I got to show on the big girl stage and drink alcohol, YAY!

Lots of old things featured along with a few new ones sprinkled in.

Check out the photos all taken by Dominick Valentic. Enjoy!

7666362690_3f8d3d43bb7666362908_d9b98b2bf9 7666363152_43dfd77b31(1) 7666363402_aa0c49d218 7666363924_e3c3592eb3 7666364202_c42a3a2dca 7666364874_f31aea5176 7666365610_653233a7c2 7667084226_37d84b1b9c 7667084490_1828cfcf9f 7666832900_ab443a548c 7666833108_173611026e 7667084716_83da2f1ca9 7666834070_b7bae11c92 7666834330_6865d3a98a 7666834512_4f30e064bf 7666834718_0189852bdc 7666779720_656581535e 7666780858_86b27f924f




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