Behind the scenes of a PS look book shoot

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Hey internet!

You may have noticed that my etsy site has been inactive for quite some time now (okay, like 2 years. whatever). I myself have been in a lengthy transitional state as far as lifestyle and living situations go, but happily things have started to settle and I have much more time (and energy!) to once again focus on Pretty Star.

In order to get everything back up and running though, I needed to photograph everything in my inventory. ¬†So I gave my good friend Kaddie O’keefe, photographer over at Gunslinger Photography, a call and she drove all the way up to LA from San Diego to shoot my 2013 look book.

I also kidnapped 3 of the cutest models ever and made them take pictures in my dresses without food or pay or anything. Yaaaaay, slave labor! * Do not worry, they will be greatly compensated come Christmas time.

Here’s a brief preview of what the shoot looked like from my perspective while we wait for the actual pictures that were taken by a professional.



Bag full of Bubble Bands


Fabulous-as-fuck shoes courtesy of Iron Fist


Fairy godmother Leia Anderson watches over all Pretty Star affairs



Models Kota Wade and Xanthia Pink


Then as what usually happens when you get 5 girls in room together, we just started taking pictures of ourselves.


Courtnie Marie Ross MUA and model makes an appearance



Xan forces me to take a photo despite no makeup. Damnit, woman!


Then boyfriend’s cat is all “Why u no ask me to model?” “Is cuz I poop on the floor?”

P1000519 P1000523

Yes, orange cat, that is precisely the reason.



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