Pretty Star Clothing at Onch Movement’s “Eat It All” Jewelry Launch

February 2, 2011 at 8:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Hi guys!! So much for keeping up with this blogging business, eh? Well rest assured there will be an EXPLOSION of cute picture filled posts up within the next week or two because SO MANY things have been happening.

To start off… last week was my friend Onch’s much anticipated jewelry launch party.

I could go on and on and on about how ridiculously cute and fun everything was but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves 😉

Here are the cuties of Bubble Punch in dresses designed by me. And they both made their head pieces. So talented!


Look at these babes! I also made Bebe’s dress but Chrissa made her leotard all by herself! *so proud*

It’s not a party until Jenny Rae busts out the balls…



So the event was all about Onch and his line of yummy food themed jewelry and accessories.  Here are some examples:

(What!? A collaboration with Twinkie Chan?! How perfect!)



All of these things and more are for sale here:

Twinkie and myself

Bebe was soooo excited to meet Josie Stevens of “Married to Rock”

Caro looking cute as per usual



And then ladies and gentlemen, something amazing happened, something that I and about 8 other people practiced on for weeks.


And if pictures aren’t doing it for you, here’s a video that I stole from Twinkie Chan (check out her blog for more footage)



Oh, look! Rachel finally showed up. XD

And Jamie of JapanLA




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  1. You guys are just so damn cute 😛

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