Pretty Star Blog is open for business. New name!

January 3, 2011 at 2:13 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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Welcome everyone! I am so glad to finally have a centralized internet outlet where I can inform you about all of the exciting things happening at Pretty Star Clothing.

Lets jump right in with the most exciting happening, which is, of course, the name change! Most of you probably remember me best as the designer of  “Candy Spooky Clothing” and while I am sad to let this name go, I am also really relieved to let go of the personal baggage that went along with it. I started Candy Spooky as a hobby in my teens, but it’s grown and evolved so overwhelmingly since then that it is almost a completely different line. The spookier elements have all but faded away allowing me to focus on the cutesier elements that I really love. Thus Pretty Star Clothing was born.

Oh, and it definitely didn’t help to find out that there was another company in the US using Candy Spooky as their namesake.

It really didn’t help that this company made gay emo porn. >.<


You guys don’t want to know just what I went through to get this picture 😦

Gay Porn aside, I’m very excited about the new name and the new year. In the next week or two I will announce the:

  • Pretty Star Etsy
  • Twitter
  • Facebook fan page
  • Buzznet
  • and I will FINALLY reveal my website!!

So please do stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed!



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  1. hahaha emo twinks XD GOODLUCK WITH EVERYTHING! Love the signature too<3

  2. Pretty Star clothing is a very cute name 🙂

  3. Bahaha, it had to be emo, didn’t it! Thanks babe!

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